The life of Kane

Whatis the true meaning of the word Boss? Well if you know anything aboutthe streets and coming up the hard way, it would be defined as “one whomotivates his team, someone that they look up to and follow. Because hehelps them grow and he makes sure that everyone eats.” Those are thewords of Huntsville, Alabama rapper/entrepreneur/CEO, Kane BWA ofArtillery South. When you take someone who grew up inspired by the likesof ​Juvenile, Lil Boosie, the legendary Soulja Slim, (RIP), Scarface,Kevin Gates, Waka Flocka and 50 Cent, you don’t know what you’re goingto get but you do know one thing, it’s not going to be for thefaint-hearted. And it’s going to be gangsta. We all know the story of aboss of a crew wanting to be in the music business, starts his owncompany and studio, invest in some rappers but after watching the gameand learning, he realizes that he has some things he has to get off hischest too. And in the tradition of rappers/CEOs like ​Baby from CashMoney​ or ​Rocko Da Don​, Kane is stepping to the plate or shall I say,stepping to the mic and when you got brothers (from other mothers) like​Zaytoven​ (super producer) and Kevin Gates (one of ​XXL 2014 Freshman​)and a whole movement like ​Bread Winners Association​, your chances atbeing successful at the music game is better than the average hustlerwho takes a chance.

The thing that one will notice after meeting Kane is that even thoughhe moves like a world class player when he’s in the club or in thelimelight, he normally keeps it simple when it comes to himself. He’snot into all the fancy cars and jewelry but everywhere he goes from theWest Coast to the MidWest to the Dirty South, every shot caller showsKane, love and respect. That’s not a given. That’s something that isearned. And that is something that you hear in the music that he hasreleased thus far. “​Papi Colito”, “Soowoop” and the ode to the fallenlegend, “Soulja Slim” ​ are a few of the gems that the boss emceedropped when he came in the game.

His efforts have gotten the attention of all the top urban blogs andsites and even the national magazine, ​Hip Hop Weekly​ spotlighted himin their Next2Blow section as one of the up and coming rappers to lookout for back 2014. He dropped the mixtape, Barely Famous featuringproduction from Zaytoven and hosted by DJ/producer Swamp Izzo, inJanuary, the world has seen another side of life coming out of Alabama,left vacant since the fallen soldier and another influence in Kane’sevolution, ​Doe B​., left us to be called home. Kane has prepared astatement in his music that will tell you the real side of struggle andhe wants you to consume the whole message before you make judgement. Hedoesn’t want to be known as a rapper, rather as a hustler who’s usingrap as his new trap. But one thing for certain and two things for sure,Kane has a story to tell and you’re definitely going to pay attention.He’s bringing his A game to the music with top players and producers tohelp him make a lasting first impression.